Milano Photoweek 2018

Program of the event

FabLab Sondrio and Istituto Italiano di Fotografia present a large format view camera designed and built by FabLab Sondrio; open for analogue and digital use.

It wants to be the starting point for the creation of an annual contest for the design and implementation of creative and innovative tools and technologies in the photography sector.

The aim is to combine the teaching and technical skills of the two companies to involve photographers and makers in a creative and technological challenge every year.

The world of photography is changing and there is a removal of tools and technologies that industry considers obsolete, how can them be reevaluated and reviewed in a modern way with a look to the future?

What hardware and software tools do they dream of having photographers available?
How can the open source ethic be used to share ideas and projects?
How can current tools be used alternatively?

Program of the 2018 photoweek event
9 June 2018

10:30 am start of work

The design and construction of a large format view camera as an example of the re-evaluation of a traditional technology in the the fourth industrial revolution.

IIF & FabLab Sondrio: photography meets makers
- The project of FabLab Sondrio
- People and skills
- The contest and the opportunities it offers
The fablab
- What is a fablab
- The rules on which it is based
- To whom it is addressed

The pilot project: a DIY large format view camera
- The concept of the project and possible developments
- Structure of the large format view camera
- Operational advantages and modularity

Design and materials
- From concept to project
- Choice of materials
- Design with 3D CAD in view of 3D printing

Implementation technologies
- Panorama of the possibilities offered by a FabLab
- Cost of materials
- Particular precision machining (laser, etc.)

The state of the art
- What is currently on the web: examples of similar achievements found on the web
- The advantages of mirrorless connected to the view camera
- Software and possibilities

11:15 - 11:45 am

Presentation of the project of an annual contest on photography, as a meeting point between different and complementary realities.

Areas and input for project development
mix the original project
create an ecosystem
keep photography alive
keep obsolete tools alive
traditional and alternative technologies
evolutions of photography
from the darkroom to the light room
collective memory

Target: the figures involved
CAD designers
SW developers

Purpose: to create an open and shared laboratory
connect people and build a network
create synergies from different skills
mix and experiment with traditional and innovative technologies and aesthetics
Constraints and guidelines in the ethic of FabLab
open source
low cost
attention to the environment
Involvement of companies and institutions

11.45am - 12.00am

Suggestions for improvements and ideas

The next appointment is therefore for the Milan Photo Week 2019, where we expect a review of ideas, projects and tools related to photography, understood in the widest sense possible.


associazione di promozione sociale, senza fine di lucro



sede legale:
Lungo Mallero Armando Diaz, 18 Sondrio 23100 (SO)

sede operativa:
Via Stelvio, 1285/a
Montagna in Valtellina, località Piano 23020.